• Brut Tradition


    Our range gets started with the Brut Tradition. Fruity champagne from a 100 % Pinot Meunier assembling. The nose evokes grilled bread, stewed fruit, the palate is loved for its pear and pastry aromas. An ideal champagne for receptions, ceremonies and cocktails or over a meal with foie gras.

    Available in bottles and half-bottles, Brut or demi- sec wine dosage.

  • Cuvée Spéciale

    CUVÉE Spéciale

    The special cuvée, gourmet and attractive wine comes from an assembling of 25 % Pinot Noir and 75 % of Pinot Meunier. Its originality and its roundness are due to a stay of one of its wines in oak casks ( big 2000-liter barrels) this subtle woody contribution perfectly matches white fruit aromas (pear) and yellow fruit (peach).
    For aperitif or as a starter, this champagne can as well go along a full meal, for example steamed fish.

    Available in bottles, half- bottles, Magnum and Jeroboam.

  • Cuvée Rosé

    CUVÉE Rosé

    The BRUT ROSE is made of the blend of BRUT TRADITION 100 % Pinot Meunier to which a touch of red wine was added (12 % to 18%).This red wine is a « coteau champenois » (from the Champagne region hillside) carefully vinified by us. The grapes come from old Pinot Meunier vineyards, generally from the « goutte d'or » plot in the BOUQUIGNY municipality.
    It has a strong colour and the palate, intense and fruity, reveals aromas of red fruit : strawberries, blackcurrant, blueberry....Champagne for dessert by excellence, served with a « framboisier » (a creamy sponge raspberry cake) for example.

    Available in bottles and half-bottles.

  • Cuvée Prestige

    CUVÉE Prestige

    The vineyards in the Champagne region are made of three main varieties : the Pinot Meunier which provides the fruity flavour, the Pinot Noir which provides some structure and the Chardonnay which gives to the wine a certain fineness. All of them are well-balanced in the wonderful silkscreen- printed bottle of the cuvée Prestige. The result is a harmonious wine in fine style. The nose reminds of lime,green tea, bergamot. The palate which is rich, subtle reserves a very nice finish. A wine for pleasure to be savoured for itself or over a meal with low-fat meat for example.

  • Cuvée Sélection

    CUVÉE Sélection - Vieilles vignes

    A perfectly balanced blend between Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir (50%-50%). The cuvée selection is so called because the grapes vinified for its development come from a « selection » of old vineyards : les Voies, Le Thym, Le Murger Salton... among others.The grapes from these fairly small yields vineyards are rich, of perfect maturity and give complexity, winy and ageing potential to the wine.

  • Cuvée Millésime

    Vintage 2015

    The vintage cuvées are developped from grapes of one single year. Therefore, they reflect the exceptionnal charachteristics of the year : maturity, freshness, wide range of aromas...

    The blend of this Vintage Cuvée Millésime 2015 is made of 50% Pinot Noir and 45% Pinot Meunier and 5% Chardonnay, only harvested in 2015, wonderful year in Champagne. Its freshness, delicacy and elegance will delight you. To enjoy in exceptionnal moments of  life.