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As a family estate deeply rooted in the Champagne region tradition, we have been growing the vineyards for 5 generations. Past in the 1950s, our ancestors owned their own press and a few ares of vineyards. Today, with the help of the new generations, Mr and Mrs BONNET and their children ENGUERRAN and FLORIAN, the vineyards have well developped and a new combination press/wine making has been introduced. This is the alliance of the respect for tradition and modernity which allows us to offer you a great range of rounded, gourmet and attractive champagnes.


Thanks to an exceptionnal soil, the Champagne region produces great wines which are original and unique in the world. A northern position, a limestone underground and a hilly landscape allows to obtain grapes of a quality and typicality generating the world-famous bubbles.

Our estate is based in BOUQUIGNY in the Marne Valley, right at the core of this Champagne wine growing land. Our grape variety is made of 80 % Pinot Meunier, typical variety of the valley, 15 % Pinot Noir and some Chardonnay plots. Growing the vineyard is made in the respect of the soil which is eventually enhanced in our various vintages : crushing the vine shoots, grassing between the rows of vines, suppling mulchs of bark, organic fertilizers....


Independant wine-growers

Our house of champagne is part of the independant wine-growers' network. Besides, you can see the distinctive logo, a wine-grower carrying a barrel, on our labelling, crates, packs...

The guarantee of a typical, traditional product of high quality.

Wine-making process

The wine-making is made in the respect of the Champagne region rules : a soft press which doesn't harm the grapevines, separation of juices according to their characteristics, fermentation followed by maturing of 15 years on fine lees...

The malolactic fermentation is sought in all our wines. The estate also possess oak casks for the maturing of part of its blends. They are big 2000-liter barrels. One is more than 40 years old and another has been acquired recently. Reserved wines are left there for a year, to rest, they are mainly intended for the special vintage. During this rest they acquire a woody flavour as well as roundness thanks to the tannins contained in wood and microoxygenation.

Tas de bouteilles prestige